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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Dr. "Chip" TaylorDr. Orley, “Chip” Taylor started Monarch Watch about 30 years ago. So far, he and his group have managed to tag over two million monarchs so they can study the migration habits of this beautiful butterfly. His research has also determined where monarchs spend their time all year, the flyways they follow going from Canada to Mexico and back, when they start, when they arrive and how many weeks it takes them to travel this incredible distance. Chip and his team have determined how to produce milkweed plugs by the thousands to provide food sources for monarchs and make these available to buy. Chip talks about how habitat loss and climate change is a double whammy these butterflies face, and may not be able to overcome.

Improving life for the monarch will improve life for all pollinators. This is a fascinating discussion for this Pollinator Week! Listen today!

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