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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

Matt BeekmanWe’ve all seen the bottles of Sioux Honey in the grocery store.  Ever wonder how the Sioux Honey cooperative works? Could you join? Would you want to? In this episode, we meet Matt Beekman, a 4000-colony co-op member in California who recently joined Sioux and shares information on this 100-year-old agriculture cooperative. Sioux’s 250 or so members produce somewhere around 60 million pounds of honey each season and the co-op buys everything the members produce. Not only the honey, all the beeswax produced from this honey production is sold by the co-op too. Selling 5 different kinds of honey – local spun honey, Aunt Sue brand and others make Sioux a major player in the domestic honey production market.

Matt is also an almond pollinator, with essentially all of his bees sitting in almonds the day we talked. Find out about almonds, almond pollination, honey production and what it takes to be Sioux Honey member with Matt Beekman.

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