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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Nov 2, 2020

Dave Doroghy works in the worlds of advertising and sports marketing and lives on a house boat on the Frasier River in southern British Columbia near Vancouver. His discovery of beekeeping wasn’t the common story of being swept off his feet with this new found passion. No, his interest was primarily financial. Show me the Money was a part of his professional sports life, so ‘show me the honey’ became a part of his beekeeping life.

His story is familiar to many new beekeepers. He makes just about every mistake that can be made with a hive full of bees and his journey is both educational for him, and entertaining for the readers of his book. What he did wrong and what he did to fix it are lessons all of us need to examine, explore and learn from.Dave

Dave joins Beekeeping Today Podcast on this episode to talk about his beekeeping experiences and his book (reviewed in both Bee Culture magazine and The New York Times). Listen today!

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