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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Rich Morris is a beekeeper and electrical engineer whose passion and career combined to produce Broodminder.  Broodminder is a set of battery powered sensors and scale that provide insights to beekeepers on the changes within their monitored hives. The sensors include separate devices for temperature, temperature and humidity, and weight and (external) temperature.  While this is interesting information on a hive by hive basis, the real power of the data is when it is combined, tracked and monitored across regions or even countries. Rich and Broodminder are achieving this through their website.

In this podcast, Jeff and Kim talk to Rich about Broodminder,, their beginnings, and future. It is an interesting discussion and a peek at one tool useable in today's beekeeping management approach.

Websites mentioned in the podcast include:


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