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Beekeeping Today Podcast

May 15, 2020

This week, get out your traveling bee suits, because we are going to visit three different beekeepers in across the country. This time of the year, beekeepers in the US and northern hemisphere are all very busy, but are they all doing the same? Are they all experiencing the same things?

In this episode we set off to find out. We talk with beekeepers from North Carolina, Northeast Ohio and the western slope of the 


Rockies in Colorado. Each of these beekeepers have a unique, and somewhat tricky environment to raise bees and they are as much different from each other as they are alike to each other. We brought them all together and their conversations and observations are fascinating!

First, we meet Mark Smith, in Locust, North Carolina who is a chemical free Beekeeper. Not treatment free, but chemical free.
He raises his own queens and lives in a very isolated location so varroa isn’t a constant threat. He hasn’t bought a bee since 2011.



Then we travel north to Northeast Ohio, near Kent and meet up with Tracy Alarcon. He too raises his own queens, but isn’t even close to being isolated. He has lots of migratory beekeepers driving by all season so has constant varroa pressure. He’s looking for hygienic behavior in his bees and does all the right things for honey and pests.

Then we head out west to visit with Ed Colby on the western slope of Colorado. Ed runs about 100 colonies and has them in yards ranging from 5500’ to 9000’, which gives him a six-week difference between bee yards in the spring and fall. Does he worry Ed Colbyabout varroa? You bet.  His whole operation is overrun with commercial area outfits so he has constant varroa pressure.

We hope you enjoy listening to their stories.


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