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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jun 20, 2019

Gene BrandiGene Brandi is a West Coast beekeeper, based out of Los Banos, California. Gene is is a great spokesman for the beekeeping industry having spent over 40 years in the business. Gene is Past President of American Beekeeping Federation, has served as the Chair of The National Honey Board, Chair of the Almond Board of California, and served in committees of both organizations... along with other responsibilities including serving on the Project Apis m Board and Carl Hayden Bee Research Center's Industry Liaison Committee.

He is a busy man and we were fortunate to catch him on a busy day while he had a spare moment. On the episode, Gene talks with Jeff and Kim about the pollination business from the perspective of a longtime beekeeper in the California Central Valley. Almonds are a part of his business, but so are many of the other crops grown there throughout the year. He doesn't travel out of State with his bees but he is often on the move with them from one crop to another throughout the growing season.  


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