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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Mar 7, 2019

Peter NelsonPeter Nelson is a filmmaker, director and beekeeper. This combination of skills and passions lead to a documentary film about the business and lives of pollinators - both the two legged and six legged kind!  The documentary, The Pollinators is currently making its rounds through the film festivals where it has been well received and enjoyed by all audiences.

In this podcast episode, Peter joins Jeff and Kim to discuss the making of his documentary. Peter discusses his experiences following and filming the beekeepers, farmers, environmentalists and even world renown chefs as they discuss the importance of the honey bee to agriculture. The film also explores the dangers and struggles the honey bee (and all pollinators) face with the use/overuse and dependency of modern agriculture on herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

Listen to the episode and learn what you can do to help the pollinators!

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