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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Sep 7, 2019

When Xander and Samantha met several years ago, the thought they'd end up owning and running a winery in Carnation, Washington, was not even a germ of an idea. In fact, the thought that they'd be running 15 colonies and producing honey at that winery was even further from consideration as Xander had no love of flying, stinging insects. Flash forward to today, past Xander's nearly three years in the Peace Corps, where he taught beekeeping in The Gambia, Africa, and they now own Orenda Winery. 

In this special 'on the road' podcast, Jeff travels to Carnation, east of Seattle, to talk with Xander and Samantha about beekeeping in Africa, what prompted them to buy a winery, and how they use their honey bees as a major piece in their overall business plan.

Kim joins the podcast later as he preps for Apimondia 2019.

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