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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

Dr. Julia FineJanuary 7th marked the ribbon cutting ceremony for the newest USDA Honey Bee Research Lab in Davis, California. Drs. Arathi Seshadri, the lab’s Research Leader and Julia Fine are the initial staff, looking at colony health and stress factors.

Dr. Fine joins the this episode to talk about her new role and the mission of the lab. Dr. Fine is more the lab person looking at the effects of nutrition stress on reproduction. The lab is just getting set up, so they are looking for grad students, post docs and people with beekeeping skills to help set up the lab’s soon-to-be apiary. We plan on having Dr. Fine back after the almond bloom to get her take on this event, and see what’s going on after some of the dust settles. Stay tuned for that discussion early this summer! 

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