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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Heros to HiveThis week, guest co-host Kirsten Traynor chats with Adam Ingrao, Ph.D, founder of Heroes to Hive.  Heroes To Hives is a veterans training program he started five years ago. They train veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD, how to manage honey bee hives and get started in beekeeping. Over 500 vets and family members are enrolled in this free program this year, making it one of the largest vet training programs in the US.

Kirsten also talks with Adam about his own struggles with opioids, how honey bees helped him regain purpose. He then describes how he got the program off the ground, the Adam Ingraoorganization’s goals and the tremendous success the program has had getting veterans focused on a project that has a multitude of rewards.

Why does beekeeping appeal to vets?  Often vets have their minds filled with memories and have trouble focusing, are looking for a mission again and can contact other vets who have a shared interest in nurturing something living that’s also a tad dangerous.

Heroes to Hives is based out of Michigan State University, where Adam collaborates closely with extension agent Dr. Megan Milbrath. Listen in to find out more, and check out the web pages listed below. Bees are the perfect gateway bug, opening up a greater appreciation for nature, which is just one of the interesting impacts of the Heroes to Hives program.

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