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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Jonathan LundgrenFifty years ago today, at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, there was a celebration of the very first Earth Day, sponsored by then Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, who had organized the event as a teach-in on campuses across the country. It was scheduled for the weekend between spring break and finals week, always an exciting weekend, with students both excited about spring, and serious about the upcoming exams. 20 million people took part across the country, and by the end of 1970, the a bipartisan federal government passed several environmental measures, most notably the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Really, 50 years ago today was the birth of the modern environmental movement.

By 1990 it had grown to a global movement with over 200 million people celebrating in 140+ countries, and today, more than a billion are, as much as possible, making note of this most auspicious celebration.

So we could think of no better guest today than Dr. Johnathan Lundgren, a leader in the Regenerative Agriculture movement that is slowly beginning to be noticed.

His work with soil  microbiomes and overall soil regeneration, the restoration of cover crops and plant diversity creating a living roof, the value of compost and the marriage, again, of crops and animals is making betters soils, better crops, better farmers and beginning to produce healthier honey bees.

Blue Dasher FarmWe had Dr. Lundgren as a guest in March 2019 where he talked about the beginnings of his program and what he was finding. This time he has a much bigger crew, more than a year’s results under his belt, and a three year+ program with the almond industry, and farmers from Canada to Nebraska and beyond. His programs have gained much positive attention plus garnered some significant findings. It’s becoming obvious that the future of modern farming lies in his regenerative agriculture findings.

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