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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Dr. Samuel Ramsey is a life long entomologist. His interests in all things insects started in his youth along with his parent's encouragement and his siblings displeasure! He continued his studies in college (Cornell) and just recently completed his PhD this year at The University of Maryland under Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp.

Dr. Ramsey made headlines earlier this year with the publication of his doctoral research on the feeding behaviors of the varroa destructor mite on the honey bee. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss with Dr. Ramsey why he studied what was thought to be a closed subject and proved that the varroa was not feeding primarily on the bee's blood, but rather a liver-like organ called the 'Fat Body'. 

This is a fascinating discussion that all beekeepers should listen to. There are many interesting facts, that run counter to popular press and education.

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Kim wraps up the show with his InnerCovered.

This is a fun and enlightening conversation with Dr. Ramsey. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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