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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

The coming year, 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the (AI) Root Company. On this episode, Brad Root - the great, great grandson of Amos Ives Root, joins Jeff & Kim on the podcast to discuss the first 50 years of the AI Root Company. When AI first came to Medina, Ohio, the home of the Root Company, he was jeweler in a building on the west side of the town square. It wasn't long before his many interests lead him to learn all he could about the honey bee, manufacturing and standardizing beekeeping equipment and writing about it all. Not only was AI the founder of the Root Company, he was the first editor of Gleanings in Bee Culture (now known as Bee Culture) as well as the first editor of the ABC & XYC of Bee Culture!

This is the first of three episodes we will present in this 150th year covering the Root Company history, in 50 year blocks.


This has been an exciting first year of the podcast and we want to thank all the guests to the podcast, Pierce Manufacturing and Wicwas Press for their sponsorship of different episodes. Last and definitely not least, we thank you, the listener of the Beekeeping Today Podcast. Without your interest in all things honey bee and beekeeping, this labor of love would not be possible... or enjoyable!


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