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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Mar 27, 2020

Kelly in the FieldThis week we meet with Kelly Kulhanek, a BIP Sentinel Apiary Scientist. Since gearing up in 2015, this program monitors colonies in 30 states with over 100 beekeepers. Once enrolled, you’ll take samples from your hives and have them tested for varroa, nosema and anything else the BIP people find for over 6 months a year.

This is a perfect educational tool for bee clubs everywhere, teaching members how to take samples, letting them see what else is going on around them and being able to make informed decisions about colony health and management. You can sign up for 4 or 8 hives. In return, you’ll receive a sample kit and record keeping info from the same colonies, all season long. At the end you’ll have a season’s worth of detailed records, healthy hives and peace of mind.

Perhaps a greater value is that the program has beekeepers all over the US taking samples, throughout the season and anything that isn’t supposed to be here in the US will get found. A perfect early warming program. Visit their web page for lots more info.

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