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Beekeeping Today Podcast

Dec 1, 2019

Dr. Kirsten TraynorDr. Kirsten Traynor joins Beekeeping Today Podcast in this episode to talk about her new quarterly publication, 2 Million Blossoms. 2 Million Blossoms is dedicated to "protecting our pollinators - both wild and managed, before they disappear." 2 Million Blossoms (first issue in January 2020) will offer short and long form articles exploring how bees, birds, butterflies and bats enhance the world they all pollinate! The inaugural issue includes articles by Dr. Marla Spivak, Craig Childs, Dr. Dave Goulson, and Dr. Mark Winston.

The publication is designed to look great on any coffee table, with beautiful photographs and illustrations. It is also offered in a digital format.2 Million Blossoms

Why the title? It takes honey bees to visit 2 million blossoms to create 1 pound of honey!

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